J. S. Bach's Music

The most transformative and meaningful experience musically, spiritually and psychologically is the encounter with J. S. Bach's music, a few years ago.

I knew of J. S. Bach of course, but had never dived into his music. I didn´t like organ/keyboard/piano music and I certainly did not like music from the baroque period, with a few exeptions, of which some of them actually were J. S. Bach's music, but I was not aware of them being his works.

I had no knowledge whatsoever of the spand and width of the enormous amount of musical works Bach had created in his lifetime. Nor did I have any idea that he had such a big influence on musiccomposers generations to come.

The turning point for me was.. when I listened to some classical music on Youtube, and this video came up titled ´Adagio-Johann Sebastian Bach´ an arrangement for cello and organ. I took a listen.
It was comepletely unexpected, so filled with sad longing, despair, and sorrow. I saw a very vulnerable and gentle side of J. S. Bach.. I thought.

It wasn't Bach´s music at all. I found out later. It was Allesandro Marcello. That video, apart from being a very beautiful piece of music, was a blessing in disguise, a stroke of luck, because it made me hurriedly seek after more of 'Bach's music' on Youtube, and I found the Arioso from cantata 156 played on cello and piano.

The music captured my heart. I found the St.Matthew Passion, Sleepers wake, Sheep may safely graze, Badinerie, and all the cantatas, the orchestral works, the Brandenburg concertos, the Orhestral Suites, the violin concertos, the list is long......It was such a huge revelation, and it still is, and will never cease to be.

How can you not be transformed when you hear and feel with your whole being such divine music! 

So, now I try to make up for my immense lack of education by listening to his music every single day, which is a heavenly joy and do my practice by making 'ditties'. I will post some of them that comes from the practice, here on my site, as well as more portraits of him along the way.

With a saying that says, "When the student is ready, the teacher will appear ". I think that´s a good description of what´s happened to me.

For piano:

Minuet - One minute of joy by Kirsten Marie Christensen

G minor minuet on a sunday by Kirsten Marie Christensen

E minor Minuet - Quizzical by Kirsten Marie Christensen

Bach motif - Ein kleines gebet zu Bach by Kirsten Marie Christensen

Am schönen Bach by Kirsten Marie Christensen

Minuet - Bach to Basics by Kirsten Marie Christensen

Ditty in C minor (swap experiment) by Kirsten Marie Christensen

Ditty for Bach by Kirsten Marie Christensen

Bach Wise by Kirsten Marie Christensen

Ditty in D minor - Back Glance by Kirsten Marie Christensen

Ditty in C by Kirsten Marie Christensen

G minor minuet on a Sunday (Piano, Cellos, Bassoon) by Kirsten Marie Christensen


For organ:

Praeludium for Organ (Hommage to Bach) by Kirsten Marie Christensen

Passion for Bach by Kirsten Marie Christensen

Organ Sonata in G minor by Kirsten Marie Christensen

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